Art Studio - Mrs. Duffy

Mrs. Duffy

Mrs. Duffy is the Art Studio instructor at Our Lady of Grace. She is happily married for 25 years and is the mother of two children.  Before arriving at OLG, she taught for over 20 years in both public and Catholic schools. Mrs. Duffy considers it a privilege to work with and serve,  “developing artists”.  After graduating from fashion design and arts college she decided to go back to school.  While at SDSU she majored in Child and Family Development and discovered her true interests and vocation, teaching!

As an arts educator, Mrs. Duffy is drawn to the non-verbal messages art brings forth in both artist and viewer.  “In this busy world we live in it’s a beautiful thing to quiet ourselves, create and gaze upon all that God has made.”  The added beauty in all this is to experience it together in a faith-filled community. 

Cross with a rainbow behind it

Welcome to the OLG art program where creative minds soar.  The art program aims to encourage and inspire children to express themselves creatively through art.  Students participate in comprehensive weekly arts curriculum.  The art program offers students a richly engaging curriculum designed to prepare them for their futures by teaching them critical thinking skills, collaboration and problem solving.   In art class, students are taught art’s major periods and how they align with history by completing projects that complement our core curriculum.  

         As with other project based learning experiences at OLG, much of the content covered emerges from the unique interests of the students and is reinforced by developmentally appropriate activities.  In this instance, activities based  upon the chosen artist and his or her own work.  The program culminates with the annual Art Faire and exhibit at which  students proudly display their work and share their learning processes with families and our faith community.  Our art room is transformed into a showcase displaying the students artistic endeavors and the depth of learning that the OLG art program encourages.  

OLG art program invite you to discover how great works of art from accomplished artists can inspire a true appreciation of the fine arts in children.