The mission of Our Lady of Grace is to prepare today's students to be tomorrow's leaders by integrating gospel values...  Go out and spread the Good New!  Seventh grade is preparing to do just that by engaging in Project Based Learning.  Our project name is Echos of Faith.  During this semester long project, the students are seeking to learn more about the tenets of their own faith by exploring the following driving question:  How can faith based communities shape the future of society?  Through exploration of the impact of globalization and the interconnected nature of the world today, students are exploring the need for an interfaith cooperative effort to change the world.  "In light, and in an increasingly interdependent world, we see more clearly the need for interreligious understanding, friendship, and collaboration in defending the God-given dignity of individuals and peoples, and their right to live in freedom and happiness." - Pope Francis. 

BoardProject Board
Each team explored the idea of changing the world.  They then choose a team to illustrate the person or idea they believed was a true change- maker in the world.  The teams illustrated this person or idea as a table place settings. 

Table Setting    Table Setting
  table settingtable setting
In order to gain a full understanding of the world's interconnection, students held a debate on the benefits versus the pitfalls of globalization.

debate   debate